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About VaS Noble

VaS Noble is built on solid knowledge gained through hands-on consulting and industry experience. Althea A. Scurvin, principal and founder, is focused on creating a unique and dynamic organization that is dedicated to re-shaping the market standard of organizational change management, program and project management, and training and outreach services in the changing human capital environment.  Our goal is to assist organizations in synchronizing the elements of performance, change and knowledge as it relates to people, processes and product by leveraging technology to capture data tools that lead to informed business decisions.

Our Mission

To drive and deliver value-added strategic consulting services that enable our customers to achieve profitable growth and a competitive advantage through the application of industry best practices, superior customer service, quality and commitment.

Our Vision

To become the premier strategic consulting firm in the industry known as a renowned trusted advisor that provides the ultimate customer experience.

Why Choose VaS Noble?


One-stop shop: Why waste time running in circles looking for individual vendors when you can make one call to VaS Noble?  We take care of everything from strategy, design and development, implementation, evaluation, and much more.


Lower costs: Larger companies with on-staff resources have to bill their clients more to meet the costs of inevitable down time.  VaS Noble is nimble and charges only for the consultants directly involved in your programs and projects, and only for the actual hours spent on it.


The personal touch: Everyone on the VaS Noble team rallies behind your program and project.  But to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, one dedicated person answers directly to you. Your phone calls get answered.  Your emails are replied to promptly.  Your input is embraced.

Your Team

At VaS Noble, we pride ourselves on having a great team.  We leverage a wide network of consultants, vendors and partners with specialized skills and resources to develop solutions that are tailored but flexible for our clients.  These resources and expertise are focused on our client’s requirements through a very refined project management and delivery methodology. 

Our clients are supported by experienced and energetic consultants who enjoy working in challenging and fast-paced environments.  We have brought together an impressive team of consultants, vendors and partners who are experts in their local labor markets.  All have demonstrated track records in leading and delivering projects and are committed to excellence, superior quality and exceeding clients’ expectations.

We strive to:

  • Connect to our clients, passion & purpose
  • Deliver results and respect our clients
  • Offer differentiated solutions
  • Provide a distinct point of view
  • Synchronize technology with best practices
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