Our Approach

As the needs of organizations change and as technologies and innovations grow, VaS Noble will combine these advancements with superior expertise and talent to deliver the most progressive and efficient value-added consulting services in the most cost effective manner.  Our approach is strategic and client-focused.

We build our reputation on:

  • Acting with integrity, respect and independence
  • Collaborative relationships with our clients
  • Commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and timeliness
  • Conducting all of our business in an ethical and trust worthy manner
  • Dedication to listening and understanding our clients
  • Delivering services that make a substantive difference
  • Exceeding our clients expectations
  • Providing total ownership of projects from end-to-end

Working with Us

When you engage VaS Noble to work with your organization, you have access to practical knowledge and expertise, including:

  • Assessment, selection and implementation of learning processes and systems using a range of tools and methodologies based on world’s best practice
  • Delivery and management of projects from scoping to completion
  • Design and development of a comprehensive and end-to-end process to provide the best possible outcomes
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to client needs in the design of solutions
  • Industry professionals with extensive experience in implementing a range of proven best practices


Download our 6-Step Process pdf.png

Virtual Business Model

We operate under a Virtual Business Model which provides the following benefits to our clients:

  1. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – by operating virtually, or 'in the cloud,' the benefit of reducing the environmental impact is exponentially increased.


  2. INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS – As a virtual organization, the benefit extends to our ability to be able to source personnel who are specialists in their area of expertise, and the tyranny of distance is no longer an issue.


  3. REDUCED STAFFING COSTS – Our virtual talent team allows for a best-of-breed talent pool that customers can take advantage of on an as needed basis without the expensive overhead carry-thru of brick and mortar businesses and provides the most cost effective approach to solving business challenges for small to mid-size, government and commercial industries.


  4. SCALABLE INFRASTRUCTURE – that grows with your business. As a virtual organization, resources and solutions can be quickly deployed, is easy to manage, and delivers the performance and excellence that our customers require. We believe in "doing more with less."

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